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Answer Day

One Souls Journey in Discovering a New Way to Pray and Knowing the Exact Day Your Prayer Will Be Answered

Have you ever earnestly prayed for God’s guidance yet heard nothing but silence? Have you fervently prayed for God to help you with a major issue in your life and yet no answer came for you? Have you ever been filled with worry about a problem and it seems that God just stays far away? Yet with no guidance to go on, you and many other people still must make serious life decisions. But they are made with great uncertainty because you don’t know if God is with you or will support you in the decision you made. With this new way to pray, any sincere soul will find a way to open up that communication from God so a clear and loud response to your prayer can be heard. If you are honest about wanting an answer to your prayer, and if you are a person who is truly seeking God’s will with real integrity and you are willing to be patient and wait for the Lords reply, here is a way to get your response. Six simple steps are given here to help you state your clear question to God, what to do while you wait for God’s answer, and to know the exact day you will receive God’s reply!




James K. Denham
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